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Talent & growth often have no connection & we all can grow exponentially only if we know our growth buttons. Ability is like a parachute until you know how and when to open it, it is only a burden on your shoulders.

At Moulding Thoughts, we train your self belief & dare you to aim for blissful excellence in every realm of your life.

Namaskar. I am Dr Nitin Sarswat ,Founder Moulding Thoughts. Having enriched & soothed over half a million lives in 5 continents my life is dedicated to making people grow with peace of mind. I maximize talents & make lives pain free. I help people discover their higher purposes, make them touch zeniths & most importantly make them discover love for self. I am dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing with a target to add smiles and infuse enthusiasm in lives across the globe.

With over 20 years of time proven presence, 18000+ sessions delivered, mentoring over 100 CEOs, 70+ corporate giants, 100-150+ NGOs, 20+ academic institutions , 1500+ parenting sessions, various governments and armed forces, I am here to help you rewrite your success script & redefine rules of life-a life that is fulfilling and blissful.

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Over a span of 20 years, Moulding Thoughts has helped diverse organizations and individuals reach their potential. Our global clients range from individuals(Mentoring, Counselling), startups, corporations, public sector companies and not-for-profit companies. Our experience pans across Asia, Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

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Global Clients

Over a span of 20 years, Moulding Thoughts has helped diverse organizations and individuals reach their potential. Our global clients ranges from startups, corporations, public sector companies and not-for.

Stories of Growth

Dr. Nitin is a wonderful person to begin with. His sessions and discussions ooze out positivity and leave a lasting impact on you, to say the least. His personalized counselling sessions are conducted in the most non-conventional ways and make you re-invent yourself. Be it daily life hassles or trauma or anxiety, Nitin Sir is the perfect therapist/guide/mentor/friend. The best part about these sessions is that he never spoon feeds, he focuses on brain storming and making clients capable enough of handling adverse situations themselves.

Tanushree Markandey

I have worked with Nitin for more than a year-and-a-half now and as a lot of people here have said, sessions with him feel more like talking to a (wiser) friend than your typical counselling sessions. I approached him at a time when I was really struggling in a lot of areas in my life and I feel, in hindsight, that that time would have been very hard to navigate if it weren’t for his guidance and support, and for that I am really grateful.

Medhavi Middha

I have been receiving help and support from Nitin (Moulding Thoughts) for more than a year now and I know I am in safe hands. He has been there for me theough thick and thin and has guided me through all the good and bad phases of my life like a mentor. Definitely recommend for counselling.


Dr. Saraswat has been exactly the mentor I was looking for. His unique and individualized approach for his each patient is rare to see these days. His friendly demeanor helps you open up to him in no time… just like a good friend he is always there for you. Cliché I know, but he really is there… just a whatsapp message away. I have never experienced involvement at such a level from any doctor in my life. Super Grateful for all his help, clarity and wisdom!

Mukta Chauhan

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