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Moulding Thoughts has been functional since 2000. It offers Soft Skills Courses, Leadership Development Programs, Capacity Building Training, Motivational Sessions, Communication Skill Workshops, Sessions on Personal Management, Seminars on Various Personality Traits, Personnel Training, And Various Counselling & Analytical Behaviour Therapies. It excels in customised workshops and sessions that result in guaranteed positive changes. At Moulding Thoughts, we resort to a psycho-spiritual approach in order to bring about lasting transformation. Over the years, we have delivered more than 18000 sessions to a wide range of clients including corporate organisations, educational institutions, government officials, NGOs, KPO & BPO, hospitality organisations, and individuals.

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Dr. Nitin Sarswat

Happiness & success both are just within your grasp. Let me help you crack the code to your happiness and success. Why to live just half the life by letting circumstances call shots when you have the potential to live a life that today you can’t even dream of & go places – Dr Nitin Sarswat.

Namaskar. Having enriched & soothed over half a million lives in 5 continents my life is dedicated to making people grow with peace of mind. I maximize talents & make lives pain free. I help people discover their higher purposes, make them touch zeniths & most importantly make them discover love for self. I am dedicated to improving mental wellbeing with a target to add smiles and infuse enthusiasm in lives across the globe.

With over 20 years of time proven presence, 18000+ sessions delivered, mentoring over 20 CEOs, 70+ corporate giants, 50+ NGOs, 20+ academic institutions , 500+ parenting sessions, various governments and armed forces, I am here to help you rewrite your success script & redefine rules of life-a life that is fulfilling and blissful.


Over a span of 20 years, Moulding Thoughts has helped diverse organizations and individuals reach their potential. Our global clients ranges from startups, corporations, public sector companies and not-for Profits. Our experience pans across Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.